Animated Logo Design for International Interior Art Designer

Animated logo design is becoming more popular as we look to make websites and their visual brand more dynamic. Animating the logo is a great way to add movement and help stand out from in your sector.

As part of a project with a marketing consultant, we developed a new logo and then explored ways to make the brand more exciting.  As an interior designer working in a very experimental and innovate way, the client was very receptive to new ways of presenting the brand. As part of a delivering a complete brand for the new business, we introduced this animated logo design.

As this project was completed on behalf of a marketing consultant, I have removed the real name of the art director. If you wish to discuss this project in more detail and see what else we produced as part of the animated logo design project, then please contact me.

The logo itself was a typographic element designed to be clean and simple because we didn’t want it to over power the client’s interior design pieces. It was also to be used as a stencil and needed to be easily recreated in stitched fabric or etched on glass. Away from the design pieces, we wanted to use the logo in more inventive way and animating it helped really communicate the individuality on websites and presentations. This was particularly important as the business was seeking investment for the next stage of their growth, including gallery space in central London.

The animated logo combined the typographic logo style with footage of a falling ink drop. As the ink drop hit the surface, the shape it forms indicated the variation and individuality to seen within the designs. The effect was produced by using a mixture of Adobe Animate, Premier Pro and After Effects. This was then exported as MP4 files for use in the client presentations and as an animated GIF for use on the website and supporting digital marketing.

If you have a similar project, or are looking for a freelance logo designer, then please contact me for more examples.