Product Brochure Design for Trafalgar Group Trading

Trafalgar Group Trading have a new product brochure design for their 2020/21 range. The 28 page brochure is designed for the trade sector. It contains images of all products along with a specification table. The product specification table provides trade and retail prices, plus all additional information, such as packaging and dimensions. We also show the trade customers the NEC value of each pack and the firework category allowing them to store and sell the products safely.

Product Brochure Design

The design of the brochure is bright and colourful, reflecting the nature of the products. These are exciting dynamic products so the backgrounds are designed to provide a sense of fun and movement. For the cover spreads we wanted something that touched on the retro nature of the product range. We took our inspiration from the 1960’s and pop and mod culture.

Eco Sparkle Stick Brochure Spread

The product brochure design includes the launch of their new exciting Eco Sparkle Sticks. These are eco sparklers which do not contain wire. Instead they use wood so the sparkle sticks burns down to nothing. More details on the packaging design can be found here. In order to help promote the new sparkle stick products, we included a dedicated spread within the brochure. This flower design is then used on additional promotion material such as their e-newsletter designs.

Product Brochure Design Example

Many of the new products are in production in China and not expected into the UK until September. In order to include them in the brochure we had to provide 3D image visualisation mock ups. Using a combination of Photoshop and 3D visualisation software we can produce a realistic image very close to a photograph of the actual item. As well as the products, we also visualised the CDUs (Counter Display Units) to give the trade customers and idea of how they will merchandise the range.

Product Brochure Icon Design

To make the brochure quick and easy to understand we developed a series of icons which would identify the product characteristics. The pyrotechnic range is quite technical and some of this information will be vital to the trade customers. The icons allow then to see what is important and reduce the amount of copy in the product specification tables.

If you have a product brochure design project and would like to see other examples or have any queries about this project, please get in touch.