Magazine Design

Magazine Design is very much a relevant media. In a saturated online market, the last few years have seen the growth of printed literature with many more enquiries for magazine design. This has especially been the case for those with a clearly defined and captive audience as they know the benefits of a printed magazine are worth the printing costs.

In House Magazine Designer

These are magazines produced for a limited distribution within an organisation.

The example below shows an in house magazine for a number of Uk garden centres. These are magazines produced in collaboration with a magazine printer. They provide the articles and the basic layout and then offer specific pages to be populated by the centres. These can be advertorials or offer pages, or bespoke articles of their own. Distributed within the garden centres, they know the audience is relevant and by tracking the use of the vouchers can quickly measure the success of the magazine.

Spring Magazine Design

Seasonal Magazine Design

Seasonal magazines can help showcase offers during busy periods. For example, during Christmas customers are wanting ideas and looking for relevant content.  A magazine is very effective at communicating season offers and will help drive sales.  The example below is a Christmas version of the garden centre magazine.  This is much more offer and product centred and with the addition of vouchers can help guide customers to products important to the centre.

Christmas Magazine Designs

Club and Society Magazines

These are a great way to communicate ongoing club events and news to a dedicated readership. The costs of producing the magazine is mitigated by the introduction of advertising. These advertisers are looking to inform a readership they know will be interested in their products and services. The below example shows a magazine for a car club. The adverts that support the magazine are all aimed at these car enthusiasts who would be difficult to reach otherwise. The magazine itself invites users to contribute to the content. This helps the magazine organisers as they don’t have to organise new content for each publication and helps promote the community within the club.  Where a magazine designer can assist is to give the publication a unique look, giving it value which can’t be achieved by the club itself. This in turn shows the value to the advertisers allowing the club to market the publication more effectively.

The magazine designer will also help deal with the advertisers directly. This can be a technical process involving different file types and sometimes resizing provided material.  The designer will also offer their services on behalf of the publication to advertisers who don’t have finished adverts to supply.

Magazine Design Example

Promotional Magazine Designer

Magazines can be used purely for promotional purposes. The below magazine design for an investment bank was designed for distribution in and around London. The publication was available in waiting rooms, clubs and bars in the city. The target audience was those looking for new investment opportunities and the bank used articles and infographics to help show their service.  Testimonials from current investors provided additional content giving the magazine a more human angle.  As this was a marketing project form the bank, very few adverts were added. The ones provided were only included as method for the bank to do deals with supporting organisations, such as the magazine printer.

KXV Promotional Magazine Design Example

If you think a magazine could benefit your company or organisation and need a magazine designer, get in touch and we can discuss these and other examples.

These projects represent just a selection of my work. For rights reasons and confidentiality I do not show any of the work completed on behalf of marketing agencies or marketing consultants. If you would like to discuss these project and see more examples, drop me a line and we can get together.

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