Freelance Graphic Designer for Marketing Agencies and Consultants

I work closely with a number of marketing companies and marketing consultants as their freelance graphic designer. These agencies and individuals are mainly located in Suffolk and East Anglia, but are as far afield as Hong Kong and the USA.

The flexibility offered by a freelance graphic designer is ideal for those who need design services but don’t want the hassle of employing a design studio. My working arrangement is totally flexible. Agencies or marketing consultants work with me on a project by project basis or as part of a retainer, whatever they find more suitable. For some clients we work remotely using Skype or email and sometimes work with project management software. Other clients want a more face to face relationship where we can discuss ideas. I have an office in the garden where we can meet and work on screen, or I can bring equipment to their offices and work from there.

Having access to an experienced freelance graphic designer gives them the opportunity to offer a complete design service and tap into my knowledge of associated projects. This can be anything, for example printing techniques, SEO practices, social media compliance and even things like current trends.

I also assist with research projects and provide a valuable resource when exploring creative solutions. With a long history in the creative sector I can also help with interesting and innovative marketing ideas to help you better service your clients.

Crooks Design Freelance Graphic Designer
Crooks Design HQ in deepest darkest Suffolk
Crooks Design Employees
Co-workers include 3 chickens, 2 rabbits and 2 cats.

If you’re a marketing agency or consultant, I can help with with:

Project Management
Art Direction
Creative Concepts

Presentations and Pitch Work
Brand Strategy

Print Design
Digital Design
Digital Marketing

Corporate Identity
Logo and Brand Design
Advertising and Marketing

Do you need a freelance graphic designer? Please get in touch and I would love to discuss your projects and how we could work together.

These projects represent just a selection of my work. For rights reasons and confidentiality I do not show any of the work completed on behalf of marketing agencies or marketing consultants. If you would like to discuss these project and see more examples, drop me a line and we can get together.

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