Suffolk View Magazine

Suffolk View Magazine is the publication of the Suffolk Preservation Society. The charity work to sustain the beauty and distinctive character of Suffolk. Based in Lavenham, the SPS are dedicated campaigners scrutinising planning and development policy. They ensure new development is sustainable, proportionate, well designed and respectful to Suffolk’s vernacular. If you want to read more about the SPS click here >

Suffolk View Magazine

Suffolk View Magazine has been an important way to communicate to the SPS membership. However, as with many organisations, the SPS needed to review their spending after the COVID crisis. An extensive survey proved the magazine was valued by the membership and was a vital campaigning tool. A subsequent reflection of the magazine and its contents highlighted how the magazine could be improved. Now was in ideal time to make changes. SPS approached me to format and design a new Suffolk View.

As a Suffolk based business this was a great opportunity. We discussed the structure of the magazine and the SPS had a clear idea of the new contents. I produced a number of designs to help the SPS make an informed decision. We experimented with different colours and styles. We used these designed to canvas members of the SPS to determine the direction of the magazine design. It also proves to be an important part of the design process as it provides ‘buy-in’ from the stakeholders.

The design uses a three column grid with an additional area to provide space to caption each image correctly. The cover includes thumbnails to provide a hint as to the content. Inside, the magazine is separated into sections, each with their own design within the main structure. Additional touches help to give the design a professional feel, such as the pin-line which represents time, with the markers pointing to images and headlines reflect those points in the counties history.

Suffolk Magazine Designs
Initial designs for Suffolk View exploring different layouts and styles.

As well as the printed magazine, Suffolk View is available as a download from the website. Rather than just a simple PDF, this download as had additional functionality added to allow readers to navigate the PDF by clicking links. All the advertisers have links to their websites providing added value and helping them increase leads.

You can download a digital copy of the magazine design from the Suffolk Preservation Society here >

It is always a worry to make changes to a well loved membership institution. The new Suffolk View however we have had ‘exclusively positive’ feedback from the editorial team.

Print is not dead! Magazines can be a great way to reach your audience. If you would like to know more about magazine design or this Suffolk View project, please get in touch.