Image Retouching

Image retouching a service that takes a digital asset, such as a digital image and manipulates it in a way which makes it fit for purpose. This can be to amend an old image and change various incorrect or out-of-date elements, to take a stock shot and edit it to make it perfect or digitise and old print and fix any imperfections.

I also provide a product visualisation service, where we can take a design and turn it into a 3D model to use in marketing material or a presentation.

Photoshoots – Photo Retouching

How often have you spent serious money on a photoshoot for your business premises, people or products only to find they become redundant because of of something trivial, such as a change of logo, shirt colour or background. Rather than commit to a new photoshoot we can often spend a little time and retouch these images and extend their life.

Image retouching will also allow for changes to be made to the final product. Often, photoshoots will use samples which can differ from the final items and we need to change these before they are shown to the public.

There are also times when even a photoshoot will not provide the perfect image.  Using image retouching we can create the desired effect post-production, saving time during the shoot.

Being able to quickly change the colour of a product not only helps when introducing a new line, it can also be used to explore interest in a colour prior to bring it into production. Clever use of these images in social media will establish the interest and help guide the buyers to provide relevant products for their customers.

When the GDPR regulations came into force, I spend many an hour image retouching where a old colleague or customer had withdrawn their permission to use the image in marketing material. Rather than spend time and money organising a replacement image, it was often simpler to edit the shot and remove the person in question and even replace them new personnel.

Image retouching of photoshoot
Examples of image retouching for products. Photoshoot arranged with samples which subsequently changed colour and specification when the final range was agreed.
No Balls image retouching
Examples of different colourways for products. Using image retouching we can quickly change the colours so there is no need for additional photoshoots.
image retouching of room shot
Additional coloured product, the full colour Union Jack pillow was added to the range. Image retouching this photo saved on having to arrange an additional room shot photoshoot which would have cost an significant amount.
Original image before retouching
The original image from the photoshoot before retouching. The screens needed information on to describe an information analyst. It was decided as we had limited time with the staff, these would be added on afterwards
Final image after retouching.
The final image to be used in marketing literature. The screen show relevant information and as they were added in post-production, they can be changed to be reflect language and target audience.

Image Retouching and Visualisation for Presentations

Do you need help to communicate your ideas? If you have an important presentation to deliver, consider exploring how I can help visualise future products and theoretical concepts and bring them to life. Having a visual representation of your concepts can often be the difference between success and failure. Being able to see exactly how a new concept will look positively influence the decision makers, many of which will not have the ability to ‘see’ your idea.  A good concept visual will also make your life considerably easier as it can describe the idea without the need for a lengthy description.

These visual can also provide an extra function. Clients use these visuals in order to brief third parties such as shop fitters as to how they want the final project to look and it allows for a more accurate costing.

Garden Centre FSDU Display Visuals
FSDU (Free Standing Display Unit) visuals. These visuals help get proof of concept approved and help explore different designs before committing to artwork.
John Peel Centre Stage Banner Design
Different designs for the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts stage banner. Visuals help communicate the ideas to the board and secure funding.
Photo shop visuals for shop fitting and shop design
Visuals for the Trafalgar Fireworks shop in Norwich, Pignut shop in Woodbridge, Runaway Coast shop in Aldeburgh. Visuals for use in presentations to enable budget finalisation and to brief shop fitters.
Brand design visual ideas
Ideas for presentation to explore the customer purchase journey including packaging, bags and product tags.

Image Retouching for Stock Photography

The rise of stock photography has had many advantages for small and medium businesses. It has allowed access to reasonably good quality images for a very low price.  Nothing with replace a good photographer and a well executed photoshoot, but unfortunately this is sometimes beyond the project’s budget. Stock images give businesses the ability to add interest and colour to the simplest marketing material. The major disadvantage is having to make do with the limited options available. The better option can be to use a stock image, but edit it to add extra detail or change elements to make it ideal. Image retouching stock photography can be a simple task, so get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk you through how feasible the changes are and if it would make financial sense to edit and stock image over commissioning a photographer.

Stock image retouching
Using simple stock image to demonstrate a new website project adds more interest than just using a screen grab of the website page.
Coloured stock image
Using stock images we can do some interesting things for a relatively small investment of time and money. In this case we changed a single owl to reflect the brand colours and symbolise 'difference'.
Stock image retouching
The chosen Adobe Stock image didn't reflect the diversity of the Care Development East services.
Combination of 2 stock images
Introducing a younger model from a separate iStock image gives Care Development East the range of ages required

3D Visualisation

When a product is due to go into production, we often have the issue that the printed support material is needed before the product is available. Using the designs, we can use 3D modelling software to build an accurate representation of the final product which can be used.

The advantage of using 3D software is that the final image can be exported at any angle and can quickly be amended should the final artwork change.

3D visual image retouching mock ups of firework products
Mock ups of firework products and CDU (Counter Display Units). Required to use in marketing literature before the product is even in the country due to the long lead times in producing the items in China.

These projects represent just a selection of my work. For rights reasons and confidentiality I do not show any of the work completed on behalf of marketing agencies or marketing consultants. If you would like to discuss these project and see more examples, drop me a line and we can get together.

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