Shop Signage Design and Printing

Shop Signage Design

Trafalgar Fireworks are a firework retail shop in Norwich. As well as designing their logo and brand I also helped with their shop signage design. Using their blue and red colour scheme, we designed the shop to be loud and instantly recognisable. They have a roadside ‘pub style’ sign for which we designed a simplified version of their logo. We also designed a sub-mark based on Lord Nelson’s Breast Star of the Order of Bath to highlight that the shop is open all year round. There was also an area to the left of the car park which is ideal for seasonal promotion banners.

Shop Signage Design for Trafalgar Fireworks

With such bright and colourful products, it was important to keep the internal signs simple and easy to understand. Clear white wayfinders allow the customer to easily navigate the store and find the products they need.  TV monitors around the store provide demos of products. I supplied edited videos of all the demos which have an animated logo and onscreen information. Accompanying the products are informational panels which provide additional product detail as well as technical information. These were designed and supplied to Trafalgar Fireworks as editable PDFs. The PDF allows the store to print their own labels. This keeps costs down and provides them the flexibility to change information when required.

Shop Signs Examples


As part of a brand design project for Frosts, we completed work on their restaurants and cafes. These garden centres are a popular destination for food as well as their retail offers. For the main restaurant, we designed simple, easy to read menu boards and table menus.

restaurant signs

As well as the main restaurant, we also designed an identity for a smaller Flower Market Cafe. The design uses a chrysanthemum theme synonymous with Frosts. This graphic style gives the Flower Cafe its own identity while still looking like a Frosts food offer.  Flower designs are also used on table wear and packaging. As this is a smaller boutique cafe, we also provided an editable menu template. Using Word, the cafe can now produce their own menus in house.

cafe sign designs

New to the Frosts food offer is the Market Kitchen. This new cafe and deli replaces an old food hall and offers an exciting menu alternative to the main restaurant. Designed along the theme of “buy what you eat and eat what you buy”, the cafe provided menus based on the deli ingredients available. The logo reflects the deli feel and allows the bright colours of the food to dominate.

Kitchen Deli Cafe Shop Signage Design

During the COVID crisis of 2020 I worked alongside the Zoological Society of East Anglia to convert a number of buildings into food offers. This required simple effective branding options with the flexibility to change over time. For more details on the project click here >

Cafe Logo Designs
The Keepers Hut and Old Forge at Banham Zoo. Plus example of Menu Board

Sometimes we need to produce visuals of shop signage designs. This enables fitters to accurately price a job and help communicate your vision for the signage. It can also help secure planning permission. Click here for shop signage design visuals for an Aldeburgh shop and Woodbridge shop .

Shop signage design visuals
Examples of the Runaway Coast London Cale Street, Southwold and flagship Aldeburgh shop. Also examples the Pignut Woodbridge shop and wall graphic

If you need to discuss a shop signage design project, then please get in touch. I can help through from the initial visuals to the final artwork. I have experience working alongside sign makers and fitters and will help make sure your vision becomes a reality. Contact me here.