Cafe Logo Designs for new Food Outlets at Suffolk Attraction

These cafe logo designs are part of a wider project for the Zoological Society of East Anglia. Banham Zoo and Africa Alive are much loved local attractions and a vital part of the conservation efforts to help many endangered animals. As they prepared to open their doors after a lengthy spell, they needed to convert a number of underused building to new food outlets. This would enable them to spread visitors out across the park by increasing their catering options. This would help lessen the queues for the main food outlets. The main food outlets were all converted to takeaway cafes. As well as limiting the queues, the new outlets would also help increase the average spend of each visitor. It would also increase the choices available and allow for future seasonal food offers.

Cafe Logo Designs for Zoological Society of East Anglia Banham Zoo and Africa Alive
Examples of Cafe Logo Designs for Banham Zoo and Africa Alive

I was tasked to design a number of cafe logo designs to each of the new outlets their own identity. With time and money in limited supply, the designs need to be quick, simple and effective.

Additional Logo Designs for Zoological Society of East Anglia Banham Zoo and Africa Alive
Snack Shack and Ice Cream Hut logos for Banham Zoo and Africa Alive

As part of the design process we needed to consider how the outlets would be used in the future. With any attraction, seasonality is key. The ability to quickly change a food offer would be an important step. This would allow the zoos to be flexible when opening during the winter. To enable this I designed a system of empty belly signage. This is where we have the main branding as permanent signs with temporary menu boards. The menu will then swap depending on the offer.

Cafe Logo Designs
The Keepers Hut and Old Forge at Banham Zoo. Plus example of Menu Board

Giving each outlet its own identity has additional benefits. Signage can be used over the two locations providing cost effective printing. We can build on these brands and introduce offers which can be redeemed in each zoo. This will introduce familiarity with the outlets and help encourage visits to the sister zoo.

These cafe logo designs were part of a larger project to enable the zoos to reopen. Get in touch if you would like to know more about this project. If you would like to see other logo design projects, click here.