Logo Design

A good logo design is the keystone in any effective brand identity.  It sets the tone of the brand and will visually describe the business sector, the market position and the intent of the company.

Designing a Logo for your Business

A good logo will be appropriate for the audience allowing them to quickly digest who the business is and what they offer.  It will need to be meaningful and creative giving a company every opportunity to stand out from the competition and get noticed.

Effective and Memorable

Developing a memorable logo helps build brand awareness. It nurtures a sense of familiarity which goes a long way in aiding customers be receptive to the brand. If they immediately recognise the business or product, even if they have only had a fleeting connection beforehand, they feel comfortable and quicker to engage.

A effective logo design will be simple.  Over complicated logos tend to confuse, so a good design will distill any ideology and symbology and present a clean straightforward approach.

Flexible and Sustainable

Flexibility is important in a modern logo. The logo will be required to work over of a wide range of platforms, both in digital and in print. It will therefore have to be equally at home when used very small on avatars and profile images as well as billboards and large point of sale material.  The logo might also have to be versatile enough to work alongside branded products or company subsidiaries. Exploring how the logo design performs in a variety of formats and colours is essential in determining how sustainable to the logo will be for the business moving forward.

We must also consider the longevity of the design and make sure we’re not following trends for the sake of it.  Some logo projects, such as fashion led logos will tap into current trends but we do this with the understanding they’ll have a limited shelf life.

Logo Design Projects

If you want to discuss your logo design project then drop me a line. I will able to send you a logo design portfolio showing the numerous projects I have worked on.  I’m also aware many start ups businesses require a creative logo design to help secure funding. For this reason I do offer start up companies logo design for preferential rates or defer payment until they are established.

A few other client logo design projects

Maud Hetty Notcutts Logo Design
Securesmart White Label app logo design
Kisra Logo Design
KXV Investments Logo
Eurfe Logo
Vision in learning logo design
Dovetail Insurance Logo
Camping Logo Design
Pebble Beach Logo Design
Anti Bac and Bug Logo
Hadleigh Stoves Logo Design
Organic Green Fertiliser Logo Design
Jungle Juice Bar Logo Design
Old Forge Cafe Design
Wise Owl Shack Cafe Logo
Keepers Hut Logo Design
Active Financial Solutions Logo
Colchester Aquatics Logo
Financial service logo design
Coffe cafe logo design

These projects represent just a selection of my work. For rights reasons and confidentiality I do not show any of the work completed on behalf of marketing agencies or marketing consultants. If you would like to discuss these project and see more examples, drop me a line and we can get together.

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