Trafalgar Fireworks Logo Design

Trafalgar Fireworks Logo Design for their new flagship superstore in central Norwich.

Trafalgar Fireworks are new firework shop in the heart of Norwich. The owner of the business has a long history with the import and sale of fireworks for the trade, but Trafalgar fireworks are new retail start up business.  As part of an this project we have also completed an ecommerce website (see the case study here>) and a complete range of packaging designs (see the case study here>).

The Trafalgar Fireworks logo design focuses on the red, white and blue of the union jack as the battle of Trafalgar is celebrated as a great British victory It also links to Lord Nelson’s association with Norfolk and the stores location in Trafalgar Street. The classic silhouette of the warship is used within the logo to replace the ‘A’ to give the logo a unique form and keep the design compact. The solid vector approach is designed to convey authority and help move the visual identity way from other import brands which have a very flamboyant Chinese interpretation of western design tastes.

We also developed a supporting graphic to use alongside the Trafalgar Fireworks logo based on Nelson’s famous Breast Star seen in may of his portraits. This can be seen on the store front below.

Trafalgar Fireworks Logo Design

Trafalgar Fireworks Logo Design Variations

Examples below show how the Trafalgar Fireworks logo design is used in different colourways. In allowing the logo to be used with a blue and red background the brand material retains a strong identity while introducing some flexibility in how the logo is displayed. Variations of the logo can also be used with just the ship icon.

Alternative Trafalgar Fireworks Logos

Care was taken to paint the Trafalgar Street store the same blue as the logo helping with the overall visual identity.  All the supporting brand material and promotional activity continues this scheme.

Trafalgar Fireworks Shop

Research after the first year’s trading revealed Trafalgar customers clearly identity the brand in press and online adverting. They also perceive the brand as a UK company who understand their market and not just a firework importer. This has been very important as Trafalgar Fireworks have worked hard to demonstrate they really understand the market and offer valuable advice. We are now working on new ideas to build on their reputation as Norfolk’s premier firework provider.

If you have a retail business or are thinking of starting one, then I can help with all your logo, visual identity and brand designs. If you want to discuss the process with me and how we go about starting such a project, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.