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Powerpoint design

An innovative and creative approach to PowerPoint design provides an engaging and memorable experience. Your target audience will be impressed and you’ll have a and happy and focused presenter. The result is you’re more likely to help your team secure new business.

I help put together graphics enabling companies to put together presentations. Important opportunities will benefit from a focused, individual PowerPoint. I also help provide a standard from which a number of consistent branded presentations can be produced.

Extra effort, extra rewards

Why do you need a designer? Putting the extra effort into these PowerPoint designs has been pivotal in securing contracts for clients. Firstly it demonstrates to the audience that they value the opportunity sufficiently enough to spend extra time in making a visually engaging presentation. Most of the audience will also be PowerPoint users. They will understand the difficultly in putting together a presentation which steps away from the pre-built templates. Anyone can use templates. Using these templates can limit the use of creative layouts to help communicate interesting ideas. Combining creative use of layouts and typography with different and appealing images will help produce a PowerPoint design with visual impact.

Content is key

What are we trying to communicate? The content of the PowerPoint design is something that I spend time helping get with. Brainstorming alternative ways to demonstrate ideas will add the extra content needed to make engaging presentations. There are creative ways to show concepts which can excite and challenge the audience. Consequently they add to the overall idea that yours is a business that is goes the extra mile.

Who are you presenting to? It can often be a case of knowing your audience. The type of people they are can influence the content. Would they appreciate a lighter approach? Would they prefer a more formal traditional PowerPoint design? Understanding them will help you design a PowerPoint which speaks directly to them.

PowerPoint design examples

Creating a visual style

Images can speak a thousand words. What images are we using and how are we using them? Take a chance on fun or less obvious images.  These can lift the PowerPoint design and furthermore add a stand out presentation.

What can we do? For instance, take a look at splitting the presentation into sections and precede each of these sections with an interesting intro graphic. What works very well is using humour or visually appealing imagery in these section intros. These are often the parts in the presentation where there is a natural pause to allow the presenter to speak directly to audience. This frames the presenter with an interesting graphic increasing the presentation’s impact.

Lets see how we can make it more dynamic. Will people really be interested in your company structure? Do they really need to know your history? Perhaps we make a PowerPoint that comes straight to the point.

Consider adding reference to their brand. Adding slides that use the visual style of their business immediately creates rapport. Most companies have a corporate brochure and the larger ones will have a identity manual.  These can be used by style slides in a way that your audience recognise and will understand.

Time to make a difference

Get in touch to find out I can help. I work alongside the presenter to assist them in providing ideas and graphics. We also discuss the structure. You want to deliver a presentation with a wow factor. It could be the difference between winning or losing that new business.

These projects represent just a selection of my work. For rights reasons and confidentiality I do not show any of the work completed on behalf of marketing agencies or marketing consultants. If you would like to discuss these project and see more examples, drop me a line and we can get together.

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