Online Advert and Digital Marketing Design

As with traditional print design, digital marketing and online adverts need to engage, inform and solicit a response, all in a fraction of a second.  With limited screen space, an online advert design needs to work even harder. It is important that the principles of great advert design are followed through online. The advert needs to be clear and precise with a definite call to action. When executed well, online advert design can be an important part of your marketing strategy  and has the added advantage of having analytics to identify results.

Digital marketing needs to be technically correct. Understanding and interpreting the specification provided by the site on which the advert will appear can be difficult. Limited sizes and file types differ between sites. As a freelance digital designer, it can help to pass this communication onto someone who understands and can communicate with the marketing teams to make sure you are maximising the potential available. Can we use animation? Can we add tracking codes? Let me discuss the options and advise the best way forward.

Reflection on Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns are great because they produce specific data on clicks and engagements. Once the advert has run, we can sit down and look at the data available and see what worked and why. We can devise AB testing methods to explore different options and see how different visual and copy approaches effect clicks and contacts.

Digital Marketing Campaign Design for Trafalgar Fireworks
Digital Marketing Campaign Design for Trafalgar Fireworks showing from left to right: Images 1-3 Animation progression for MPU, Leaderboard website advert, Billboard website advert.
Animated banner advert design
Mini banner ad for No Balls for display on Running News website.
Hector Fox Animated Banner Advert
Animated banner advert for Hector Fox
Digital Marketing MPU design example
Static MPU advert for use on Yoga publication.
Animated Pignut introduction for use on exhibition mini site.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost effective way to communicate directly with customers. With the great analytics email marketing provides, you can track, reflect and tweak your digital marketing strategy to make it even more effective.

I help design engaging email templates that help give your marketing campaigns credibility and look professional. The emails should not only inform, but look attractive and give your customers a real understanding of your brand.

Using online providers such as MailChimp and DotMailer are a great way to send email marketing.These systems are a great way way to collaborate and my involvement can vary. Depending on the technical abilities of the client, I can help set up the account, provide a set of templates to use or even manage their account for them. I have trained many clients on how to use MailChimp, leaving them to use the templates and manage their own account.

Digital Marketing Email Campaigns
Examples of email campaign design showing how to use images and typography to design an effective email. These use a mixture of clients own images, supplier provided photography and stock images.
Email Marketing Design
Examples of Emailers. From left to right: Runaway Coast Newsletter template, brand awareness mailer, product emailer, Care Careers Suffolk news, Pignut coming soon stockist awareness emailer.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

All my sites are built with SEO in mind. SEO is an integral element of a successful web project.

As a front end designer I specialise in great looking sites that engage the user. I also deliver sites with SEO in mind. This is either to allow clients to impliment their own SEO strategy or I work alongside SEO specialists to offer an SEO service.

SEO Training

As part of my website design service I offer basic training in SEO best practice. This give my clients an understanding of how SEO works and how they can optimise their sites. We discuss the importance if well structured content and the range if other tasks which are required to aid good results. I help to de bunk many SEO theories and speak to clients in a way which they understand. Many tasks can be undertaken by the client without the introduction of SEO specialists. If however we want to expand beyond those abilities, I help clients speak to SEO strategists in way that everyone understands what is expected and if the strategy proposed provides value for money.

Bespoke SEO website pages

Website design example for a London based supercar hire website. The client has a good understanding if SEO and we work together on creative SEO campaigns and site updates.  The website is designed with SEO in mind in order to help mitigate some of the costs from their PPC campaigns. To see the SEO case study, click here >

Social Media Digital Marketing

I help create social media campaigns which are different and have impact. For more details and examples of social media design, please click here >

Video Production

Engagement can be much improved when using the moving image. I can bring your productions to life with video editing and production for social media. I can also help you focus your marketing efforts with a corporate video designed to highlight you business or service.  For examples, click here >

Video for Social Media Storyboard

Storyboard design for corporate video. Using animations of their logo and services, the video really helps bring the brand to life. For the case study, please click here >

These projects represent just a selection of my work. For rights reasons and confidentiality I do not show any of the work completed on behalf of marketing agencies or marketing consultants. If you would like to discuss these project and see more examples, drop me a line and we can get together.

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