Video for Social Media

Video for social media is a great way to engage with your audience.

Social Media Campaign Videos

For example, this end of season video for a Suffolk farm park was designed to thank the visitors and staff. It provides a positive message which their online audience respond to. This was a great way to show images of the animals as well as the staff behind the scenes. It also gives the farm the opportunity to highlight all the positive feedback they had received over the summer. Designed is a 1080 x 1080 pixel format, the video can be used on Facebook as well as Instagram. Very well received, the video helped the farm engage with over 250 of their followers and had over 1000 views.


Corporate Video Production

For example, the video below for Liability and General promotes their work in the construction sector. This is an areas they specialise in and wanted to promote. The video uses an animation of their logo to help bring the brand to life. For more on the logo design project, click here.

As well as video for social media, this extend format allows for use in exhibitions and in email campaigns.  It is also embedded onto their website. This gives the company a way to focus attention and adds another dimension to their brand.

Using the same images as their other marketing material, the video is designed to fit within their overall brand. The simplest option is to produce a bland video based on a template, but this video is  uniquely L&G. It incorporates stock footage to add movement and animated sequences to highlight the offer.  We also opted for a professional voice over artist to give the video to keep the viewers attention and ensure the message was clearly understood.

Video for Social Media Storyboard

The design process started with the storyboard above. This gave us the opportunity to formulate the style and content of the video. I then drafted a script which was tweaked by the client before commissioning the voice over. The need for flexibility was also built into the process.  The edit is designed to allow L&G to swap out the centre of the video. This gives them the opportunity to develop additional productions. These will target different sectors within their insurance business.

If you think your business could benefit from a targeted corporate video, or need help bringing your video for social media to life, then get in touch. The process is simple and can provide an excellent return.