Annual Report Design

As well as a summary of the past year, awesome annual report design is a great way to set the tone for the year ahead. It can help explore fundamental questions with regards the company direction. Are we looking to be a dynamic modern business moving in a new direction? Should we look more circumspect and concentrate on tradition? Should we be more conversational or do we demonstrate our expertise in a more prudent way.? How this is reflected in the the design can lay down the markers for how the business connects with employees and shareholders as well as as your external customers.

Annual report design
Annual report design for UK based investment bank. Strong graphics reflecting their new corporate identity helping to reinforce their visual identity to prospective investors.

Annual report design need not be boring. Information and data can be displayed in an engaging manner. Your staff and customers will love to see an exciting use of infographics and typography to bring the detail to life. More importantly, using infographics and good design will ensure the information is understood by the reader.

Annual Report Images

Using well considered images are crucial. Testimonials are a fantastic way to get the special touch from your customers into your work. They are also a great sway to add images and move away from clichéd stock images and make the whole exercise personal.

Printing the Annual Report Design

Don’t forget to source a good printer and having the annual report design printed on good paper stock. I recommend my clients get a mock up produced from the printer to show the paper weight. We need to show this is an important document by how it feels in the hand. Having a physical representation of all your hard work is fantastic and we want to do it justice.  I will help with all the printing processes and even help source printers on my client’s behalf if they don’t feel confident to ask the correct questions.

Suffolk annual review design
Annual report review for Suffolk Family Carers highlighting the success of ongoing projects. Designed with a strong correlation with their visual identity as this will be distributed to stakeholders.
Patrick and Menzies Annual Report Design
Annual report of East Anglian based optometrists. Designed to be a formal report to management and staff about the facts and figures behind the business.

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