Point of Sale POS Design and Point of Purchase POP design

Effective POS Design (Point of Sale) and POP design (Point of Purchase) is an often overlooked but significant approach to customer communication. With some creative thinking and great graphics, Point of Sale POS and Point of Purchase POP design is a real opportunity for you to speak directly to the customer. Your display can be the spark that results in an impulse purchase or the assistance that reassures a customer they are making the correct choice in buying the product.

Your POS designs and POP designs are the last chance to influence the customer to buy the product or service.  They’re the last touchpoint in that customer’s journey. If you’ve spent money on offline or online marketing campaigns, you don’t want to fail at the last hurdle because of poor POS communication. 

POS Design
Examples of POS Design. From left to right: BamBase POP leaflet dispenser, The Space Information Frame, Trafalgar Fireworks POS Banner, Fun Snaps product outer carton and dispenser.
Garden Centre FSDU Display Visuals
FSDU (Free Standing Display Unit) visuals. These visuals help get proof of concept approved and help explore different designs before committing to artwork.
POS Design Video Example
Example of POS design for video counter display unit (CDU). This was a new product to the UK and we explored different ways on how to communicate this to the public.

Consumers are savvy and getting them to buy a product on impulse is difficult. We’re basically asking to them to make a purchase they didn’t know they needed. The POS design or the POP design needs to engage, inform and ultimately motivate.  You are putting your brand on display do every care needs to be taken to make sure the display is effective.

A POS design and POP display is also an opportunity to offer supporting leaflets or direct them to a website.  Using QR links, unique phone numbers and unique landing pages, these leaflets and codes can be tracked to help identify stores or areas which are performing well.

We can also explore how to make any outer cartons double up as POS and POP displays by adding header cards and on-pack graphics.  The added advantage is this benefits the merchandising teams in-store allowing them to put your products on-shelf quickly by simply opening the outer box and not having to stack items individually. For you, not only is there the advantage of having your POS and POP design working for you, it also guarantees shelf space.

There are some simple rules we need to follow when designing POS and POP displays.  The design need to be bold and eye catching. Stores, especially at the point of purchase are often chaotic places to compete for attention. The designs need to quickly inform and educate, without confusion. Simple tricks, such as colour, type and images can all combine to make these as effective as possible.

Frosts Christmas POS display designs

POS Point of Sale design showing Christmas tree display unit for Frosts UK garden centres, height chart and on tree bauble. Also showing 6m display board in main Christmas area. For more information, check out the Christmas campaign design case study here >

Roller Banner Pop Up Display POS Design
Examples of Pop Up Roller Banner Designs

Pop up Roller Banner Display and Exhibition Design

Consumer POS displays have the advantage of a product to take away and purchase, but what about selling a service? Simple and effective, roller banners are a cheap way to promote a service or event. They are reusable and can even come with different banners allowing you to invest in a frame and tailor your message to each corporate event. A well designed pop banner will make you stand out from a room of similar service providers, inviting potential customers to engage as they understand exactly what you’re offering.

If you have any questions about POS design or POP design, get in touch and I’ll happily discuss ideas with you.  POS displays are often low resolution print projects so I can work closely with your printers to ensure all graphics are as crisp as possible and all copy is legible. Art working these displays require an understand of cutter guide and printer’s nets which will need an experienced hand. I will take all the confusion away and communicate direct with the print supplier to make sure the final print is exactly what we want.

These projects represent just a selection of my work. For rights reasons and confidentiality I do not show any of the work completed on behalf of marketing agencies or marketing consultants. If you would like to discuss these project and see more examples, drop me a line and we can get together.

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