Christmas Campaign Design for UK Garden Centres

This Christmas campaign design is part of an on going brand development project with Frosts Garden Centres. For more detail of the main brand design, click here >

Everyone Love Christmas at Frosts was developed alongside the Frosts marketing and design team. They wanted a beautiful design they could use various elements from throughout their garden centres. They designed a campaign based around 5 unique animal illustrations, a fox, a robin, a deer, a squirrel and a mouse.


Christmas campaign design for UK garden centres


Starting with the initial sketches, we designed each character to be used individually and part of a set. This included their use with a Christmas background made up of holly, stars, hearts and mistletoe. Using this background we designed a set of Christmas baubles to accompany the tagline ‘Everyone loves…’.  I then produced each character as a lino cut. This gave them a sense of individuality and added to their personality. Once they were printed, the characters were scanned in and redrawn in order to make them vector graphics. This gave us the option to use them and a much larger scale.


Frosts Christmas campaign design animals

Christmas lino cut examples for campaign


The Christmas campaign design was then rolled out over 2500 separate items of Point of Sale and Information graphics. With 4 different locations and hundreds of items in this was quite the undertaking. Using the Christmas characters and the Christmas pattern we designed POS specifically for each of the 4 locations helping them transform the centres into winter wonderlands.

Frosts Christmas POS display designs
POS Point of Sale design showing Christmas tree display unit, height chart and on tree bauble. Also showing 6m display board in main Christmas area.


Christmas Tree plinth Point of Sale visuals

Christmas Tree Light Display Point of Sale


Working closely with the in-house marketing team we also need to develop ways of communicating the choices of certain items to the customer. This included how they were to make an informed decision on which tree, the lights and the decorations. This involved working alongside the build and installation teams in order to ensure the large graphics were produced to the correct specifications. The Light Your Tree Point of Sale shown above has a main graphic printed on the back wall with working lights in separate boards next to a working tree. In order to complete the look, each tree also has baubles showing which light is on display and a branded plinth for the tree to be displayed on.


Christmas leaflet designs

The design was also used on a series of adverts and supporting leaflets. In order to make the brand fit with the Christmas feel, we changed the brand green to a strong dark red and complimentary gold. Where possible we chose to print the gold as a 5th colour metallic special giving the leaflets a luxury Christmas look.

The pattern made up of the animals and other Christmas motifs was an excellent way to brand Christmas products such as voucher cards, hampers and gifts. This was a great way to ensure all products had the Frosts Christmas design irrespective of supplier and county of origin. We either supplied finished artwork or supplied the pattern to the supplier to produce their own packaging.


Christmas Product Design


There are many ways of transforming a brand for specific campaigns, be it Christmas, Easter or commercial activity such as Black Friday. If you would like to discuss ideas on how we can convert your brand to fit a campaign, please contact me and I’m sure I can help.