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Company literature design is so often the communication area which lets a brand down. A business can spend time getting a wonderful logo and a new set of corporate guidelines, but it can have a negative impact if these are not followed through on all elements. This is one area I spend time on during a brand development project and one I will return to time and time again when working with a company.

Examining what literature a company sends to their customers will often show a huge discrepancy between how they want to present themselves and what they are distributing. These are normally the ‘everyday’ leaflets, invoices and letters. More often that not these items are produced in house by well meaning, hard working individuals who have little time, or interest in, the brand direction and visual identity envisaged by the company.

Many businesses are aware this is an area they can improve on, but don’t really want to employ a marketing agency to sort it out.  As a freelance designer these cost are dramatically reduced and the benefits to the company are worth it. I can work with the staff and develop a plan, supply assets and advise on how to communicate more effectively.

Company Literature Design for Trade Customers
Examples of trade company literature design material. The use of design keeps all these elements on brand and demonstrates the trade customers are as valued as the consumer audience. The use of design also ensures all information is laid out in a logical, clear and easily understood way.
Price List Design Example
Example of a Price List design for trade customers. Simple layout and colour coding makes it easy for the customer to order the correct items.
Annual Report Design
Annual report design showing how to layout information in a way that better communicates the information to the reader.

Company Literature Design

Taking a fresh look at your company literature design, how do you think you measure up? Are your order forms clear and easily understood. What do your invoices look like? Are all the information graphics you send on brand. Is every little piece of your company literature design working as hard as it could be to sell your ideas?

These are all important touch points in your customer journey. Substandard forms, trade booklets, stock sheets etc will all make an impression on the end user.

Sometimes we need consider and overall plan to bring all these elements together. Often we just need to consider a few key elements and get these right.

PSA Document Design

Customer facing documentation for PSA Rugby Academies. This shows how all documentation, no matter how small can present the brand in an informative way helping with clear communication. This saves time in the long term because directly helps the customer complete their documentation correctly. It also helps present the brand in a positive  way increasing customer confidence.

Understanding how you work

The reason a lot of branding projects fall short is not understanding how the business operates. Its really no use to product a fancy set of corporate guidelines if it doesn’t consider to smaller tasks.  Considering if the company use Word and PowerPoint and designing templates is a quick and simple way to ensure they stick to the brand.

We can also look to provide company folders or cover sheets which quickly add a brand element to each and every project.

Attention to detail with company literature design

Considering the small jobs will make a huge difference to your customers perception of you.  They too understand how important this is and it will be on their radar. If you get your company literature design right, they will see this has a positive and itn will reflect well on other aspects of your partnership.

These projects represent just a selection of my work. For rights reasons and confidentiality I do not show any of the work completed on behalf of marketing agencies or marketing consultants. If you would like to discuss these project and see more examples, drop me a line and we can get together.

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