Brand Identity Design

Specialising in brand identity design I help businesses develop a consistent and disciplined approach to their corporate identity. How a business present themselves makes a huge difference to how they’re perceived in the market, helping them visually communicate their brand values effectively.

A strong brand identity design also has a positive effect on employees. Successful businesses use their corporate identity to really engage with their staff.  In turn, the staff really engage with the business and become vital ambassadors, strengthening the companies position and helping promote the brand.  The corporate identity design can foster a sense of community within the business which helps with morale and positivity.  Working for a good looking and  visually appealing company also helps attract talent and aids with the retention of valuable employees.

Garden Centre Brand Refresh

Brand design refresh project for a UK garden centre. For details check out the case study here >

Attention to detail is important in a good brand identity design.  How the brand is communicated visually over all collateral all adds up to how the brand is judged as whole.  For example, consistency over all stationery elements, signage, sales material all helps a company effectively present themselves to potential customers. These are often the first contact a customer has with a brand and the assumption will be that this culture and attention to detail is present areas of the business that they prospective can’t see.  Similarly, if the corporate identity is disjointed and inconsistent, the customer will either consciously, or subconsciously assume the business struggle to provide a joined up and focused service.

It is also important to make sure any brand identity design is fit for use.  It needs to be usable by all employees, and third parties.  All to often a vague, bland identity manual is issued which fails to take into account the actual needs of those that use it most. I help gather as much information as possible with all stakeholders before recommending solutions.  For example, if the employees mainly use Google Docs or Word to present electronic documents, colours, fonts and formats need to take this into account.  If a brand identity fails to do so, the employees will simply not adhere to any rules that have been established to help with consistency, start using their own systems and the visual impact of the brand will begin to fragment.

PSA Academies Brand Design Project

Brand identity design for sports development academies. For details check out the case study here >

Corporate Identity Design for Law and Litigation services

Brand identity design for London based legal support experts. For details check out the case study here >

I help to enable your brand identity design to work across all platforms and have the flexibility to work on platforms which you’re not utilising.  Through effective research I identify where a corporate identity isn’t performing and help provide solutions.  This can be from a total bottom up redesign of the visual corporate identity, a practical detailed brand identity manual to a simple well designed set of stationery and social media logos.

Corporate identity design for Care Careers Suffolk

Logo and identity design for Care Careers Suffolk. For details check out the case study here >

Corporate Identity Design for Easton Farm Park

Corporate identity design for Easton Farm Park. For details check out the case study here >

Maly IT Brand Identity Design

Logo and identity design for Software Development Company. For details check out the case study here >

Care Development East Brand Identity Examples

Corporate identity design for Easton Farm Park. For details check out the case study here >

Liability and General Suffolk Corporate Identity Design

Brand Identity Design for Suffolk based insurance brokers.  Check out the case study here >

Patrick and Menzies Optometrists Corporate Identity Design

Logo and identity design for 3 East Anglian optometrist practices. Check out the case study here >

Investment Bank Logo Design

Brand identity design for UK based investment bank. For details check out the case study here >

If you need to design a brand identity from scratch, or reestablish your existing brand, get in touch and I can help identify a cost effective and workable way forward.

These projects represent just a selection of my work. For rights reasons and confidentiality I do not show any of the work completed on behalf of marketing agencies or marketing consultants. If you would like to discuss these project and see more examples, drop me a line and we can get together.

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