Software Development Company based in Suffolk Brand Identity Design

Maly IT are a software development company based in Suffolk. They develop tailored software building bespoke solutions specialising on high end workflow management and quality assurance.  This has enabled them to establish themselves as a leading provider to business sectors that require bespoke software capable of handing their regulatory and compliance needs.

Malt IT Website design and T Shirt design

As a software development company Maly IT find themselves in a sector saturated with solution providers. These companies will often find themselves being quite abstract in how they present themselves as they are often offering solutions which have to tangible, visual representation. In order to help Maly IT stand out from the crowd, we developed a bold dynamic design. The logo is strong and simple highlighting the efficiency of their software, with a nod to the coding aspect implying their ability to build tailored software which is not just ‘out-of-the-box’.

The shapes which contain the logo appears in different forms across all marketing material helping to emphasise the bespoke offering. The use of this ever changing form helps give the design a distinctive feel and lessen the need to show sector specific imagery. This give Maly IT the ability to tailor their marketing as they do their software to maximise the impact to prospective clients.

Maly IT Corporate Literature

The choice of colours pallet is designed to be a sympathetic to the regulatory sectors in pharmaceuticals, education, health and energy. The use of the dark and light shades allows the logo to be as effective in solid colour as is on a white background. These colours now form the basis for additions to the marketing material such as clothing and a new describer presentation as seen on their homepage.

If you are a software development company or similar business that needs to stand out then, drop me an email and we can discuss this projects and others and I’m sure I can offer a similar simple, but dynamic solution.