Care Development East Brand Identity and Website Design

Care Development East are an independent, non-profit making, organisation focused on promoting excellence across the social care and health workforce in the east of England. They provide impartial advice, support, guidance and information to many businesses and individuals in the care sector.

Care Development East Logo

Previously The Suffolk Brokerage, their logo centred around the Orwell Bridge. This is something they were keen to retain in the new brand because their service users all recognised the bridge and its place in the Suffolk countryside. We developed various stylised versions of the bridge and open this up to discussion both from with the organisation and a selected number of service users. It was decided the simple curved illustration with the iconic double ‘legs’ best represented the idea.


Once we had developed the logo, the visual identity was rolled out over all their material, including a new website, newsletters and social media. The simple bridge illustration was very much designed with the newsletters and social media in mind. With a long organisation name, it was important the bridge logo be able to be identifiable in isolation, leaving the name to rendered from the social media page name.

The purple colour was heavily used in the original Suffolk Brokerage visual identity and for this reason we decided to retain it for the new Care Development East brand. Alongside this, we introduced a new green to provide a contrasting highlight. Using these colours in combination really helped with services users being able to quickly identify Care Development East and their information.


The Care Development East website was developed in WordPress giving them and their communication team total control over all content. We sourced and implemented various plug-ins to make updating the site as easy as possible and add functionality. The Training Exchange provides a dynamic list of training opportunities via a simple to use interface. The Training Provider section provides a list of all providers in the Eastern region offering RQF courses for the care sector.

As one of the main roles of Care Development East is the dissemination of information, we also set up a MailChimp account and a series of templates which allow them to send up-t0-date information to their database.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this, or any other projects with relevance to logo and brand design.