Hyjocool UX UI Design for App

This app design project for Hyjocool provides installers with a quick reference guide to all the specifications and data for their range of restaurant air movement products. It is also designed as a useful toll to enable quick communication with the Hyjocool Help Desk.

Research and Creative Concept

This app design project was the result of conversations with Hyjocool about how they wanted to re-engage with installers and position themselves as a modern, progressive company. Taking these objectives, we explored various concepts before moving the app design project forward. We felt this was the best way to display information, much of which already existed, in an exciting new way. The app would then act a campaign to promote the company as well as proving to be a value tool in itself.

App Design

The app is designed to be simple and easy to use. Installers will often need access to data sheets and installation guides while installing a new system. The provision of this app is gives the installer another good reason to choose a Hyjocool product as they know the information will be easy to find and up to date. It also highlights the dedicated Help Desk.

The products are split into 3 main areas and this can be accessed by a main homepage and through the menu navigation. From here the installer can then drill down to the specific product data.

App Design for Air Movement Application
Screen examples of app design for Hyjocool. Screens show (from left to right) intro screen, main navigation homepage, menu example, product selector, help desk interface

App Design Wireframes

Before any design was completed, we produced a set wireframes to explore how the app would work and the relationship between the pages. Once we were satisfied all the content was available we completed a set of design visuals.  These are currently being worked up as a functioning prototype ready to be tested.

Hyjocool app design wireframe example
Wireframe examples for the Hyjocool app design showing (from left to right): Main homepage, menu example, product range page, product range page with expanded detail.

App Logo and Identity Design

It was important to Hyjocool that the app had it’s own identity. They wanted it to be more that just a tool, they wanted it to add positively to the overall brand perception. The logo designed added value to the app and installers value the way it looks and feels. The identity positioned the app as the as a help to the installers and help elevate any fears they had about accessing assistance.

Do you have an idea for an app to help your business communicate with your customers? Get in touch and we can talk ideas and how best to make it happen. As with this project, as a freelance designer and not just an app designer I am best place to help design it’s own identity and give it a personality of it’s own.