BBQ logo design for Suffolk Drive in Smokehouse

The Smokehouse Barbecue is a new drive-in restaurant in Suffolk.  The Smokehouse offer smoked meats and gourmet burgers. They’ve travelled throughout the US and have developed their own recipes based on the those experiences. We opted for a traditional BBQ logo design style to clearly identify the style of food on offer. This also helps imply the authenticity of the food. These traditional stamp/label designs are typical of the US South West.

Smokehouse Brand Design Elements
Logo design for the new Smokehouse Drive In Diner. Supplied as a vector file for the Smokehouse to use on internal and external signage.

We used a red colour scheme to give the design some ‘heat’ and added some roughing of the lines to add texture and imply the logo has been branded.

Smokehouse logo design mockups
Brand design elements showing the logo on a white background, business card designs and vehicle graphic designs

We also introduced a bulls head to the top of the logo.  This gives us an extra element that we can use in isolation when we need an additional detail. One issue with using such a traditional logo design is that is can look like other examples. The bulls head and the Suffolk Barns banner help give the logo individuality. The Suffolk Barns banner is also added to the base of the BBQ logo design to show their location and to help interested customers searching for them online.

Smokehouse menu and clothing designs
Menu design for print and social media and staff uniform design. Also shown is the new T Shirt design to help promote the brand.

The stamp logo design is designed to work in mono. This gives it great versatility when looking to design items such as clothing. The popularity of these designs will enable the Smokehouse to produce apparel to sell and help increase awareness. As demonstrated above this mono BBQ logo design is good to use on textures and patterns. In this case we have added it to some smoking coals on the front of the menu. This really helps emphasise the flavour and style of the cooking.

Please check out my logo designs page for more examples. If you have any questions, or have a similar design project, please get in touch.