Care Careers East Logo Design and Website Project

Care Careers East are a specialist recruitment service for care professionals in Suffolk and Norfolk. The provide a bespoke service aimed at getting a better quality candidate for the many care service provides across the region. The issue the care providers have is traditional recruitment sites are often beyond their budget. Care Careers East also vet each candidate on their behalf and only put forward those they feel are of a certain quality. They also assist candidates work on their CVs and help find training opportunities to help raise the overall quality of those seeking jobs in care.

Care Careers East Logo Design

The Care Careers East logo uses simple letter forms making it easy to identify. The extra touch of including the east facing arrow as part of the ‘e’ gives provides an energetic shape to use on corporate material and throughout their corporate identity. The arrow not only illustrates the Eastern focus of the service, but also provides a forward movement supporting their ‘Fast Forwarding Your Career‘ descriptor line.

Green is a colour heavily associated with the care profession and Care Careers East wanted to position themselves very much within that tradition. The use of two greens gives them a strong corporate colour but retain the flexibility of dark and light. The logo and the identity is therefore just as effective reversed out of the solid green.

Care Careers East logo design and website development
The Care Careers Logo and Website Homepage

Care Careers East Website Design

Before designing the website we looked at many pre-built options and WordPress plugins that offer recruitment functionality. None of these were exactly what we needed so we built our own. The main reason for the bespoke build is we wanted the site to have a more hands on approach for the candidates. One of the issues with the care profession is that a great many of the care professionals are not completely computer literate and are often discouraged to apply for positions due to the complexity of the online systems. We designed a site to strip away a lot of these obstacles.  For instance, instead of a lengthy online form to complete, the candidates are encouraged to send in their CVs. For those, of whom there are a considerable number, who do not have a CV, they are offered a simple downloadable Acrobat form which they either complete on their own PCs or print out and fill in with a pen.  This makes the positions accessible to all.

Care Careers East Job application digital form
The website jobs page and an example of the easy to use downloadable application form

Care Careers East Digital Marketing

As part if their marketing plan, CCE produce a number of emailers. These are split between quick ‘Job Alerts‘ designed to get new vacancies out to their database as quickly as possible and Newsletters, which will go into more detail about the regions care sector.

We have also produced a number of online adverts including leaderboards, banners and MPUs.  These examples illustrate how well the over all corporate identity translates over all media providing Care Careers East with a robust and distinctive brand which stands out in the care sector.

The Care Careers East MailChimp template, Leaderboard, Banner and MPU adverts. Also show is the stationery set.

For more information about CCE you can visit their website here >. If you a similar project and would like to know more detail about the design and development process, please get in touch.