Design for BamBase Bamboo Yoga Wear

Bambase was a sub-brand specifically created to sell a range of bamboo yoga wear. Bamboo has some special characteristics which needed to be reflected in the design.

Bamboo is a fast growing plant making it ideal to farm for commercial use. It also requires very little water and combined with it’s natural defences which require no pesticides this makes it the perfect environmental choice. The design reflects this with a simple, single colour print onto recycled material. The obvious shape of the bamboo plant helps reenforce the natural product and gives the graphics an interesting, attractive quality. The use of the single colour print gives the design a strong brand identity which looks great on all media. It also helps in keeping the print costs down allowing BamBase to focus on the materials ensuring they are of good quality as well as sustainable.

Bambase box design
Bambase Bamboo yoga wear box design and artwork

Bamboo yoga wear design project

As part of the project we produced packaging design that had section to remaining clear allowing consumers to touch the product. This was important as one of the great benefits of bamboo is how it feels. Larger products were accompanied by swing tags with the sizes added giving the shops the task of circling the relevant size.  A series of posters and POS display units were produced to support in store marketing. These identified the benefits of bamboo and educated the consumers on why the product needed their attention.

Bambase swing tag, poster and POS display
Bambase swing tag, poster and POS display

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