Hector Fox Interior Design Studio Corporate Identity

Hector Fox is a sub brand designed for an interior design studio based within TWP Designs. (brand identity project can be found here >). They currently have a good industry reputation within the sector for their work within the restaurant and hotel sector as property refurbishment specialists. However, as a property refurbishment company they were often being overlooked by businesses looking for a design led approach.  By this we mean those who wanted to employ an interior design studio to head the project. Traditionally an interior design studio would submit designs and concepts, with the property refurbishment entering to process much further on. The property refurbishment specialists would then take these concepts and implement them.

Hector Fox Logo Design

TWP have an excellent in-house design team producing high end creative concepts for many of their clients. In order to promote these services we felt the best way was to re-brand this area as a stand alone interior design studio. This would allow the team to have fun with the new brand and produce more experimental marketing material aimed at the design side of the sector. This would leave the traditional marketing activity and the main brand untouched.

Hector Fox interior design studio concept

For the new brand we produced a new logo and corporate stationery along with a new website and social media graphics. This was a quick and simple way to approach the market and test the viability of setting up a completely new interior design studio.

Do you have a similar problem in that your brand is associated with a particular sector? Is this inhibiting any growth into new areas due to people not understand your service? Perhaps you too need to consider a sub-brand to promote and area of the business you want to grow without damaging your overall brand. Get in touch and we could discuss how we approached this Hector Fox project and how a similar approach could help you.