Pignut Graphics and Brand Development

The project was to build on the brand identity work produced a London agency and ensure all the Pignut graphics and supporting material remained on brand as the company launched the business in Suffolk.

Taking the logo and the brand colours, we developed a number of projects including the opening of their new shop in Woodbridge, the design and print of their new consumer brochure, trade show promotional literature and all supporting documentation.

Pignut Trade Show Graphics
Trade and consumer show graphics, including leaflets, flyers and shaped stickers
Pignu Corporate Brochure Design
Pignut Consumer Leaflet Design

A balance between aspiration and accessibility

Pignut position themselves very much as an aspirational, but accessible brand and the graphic design had to reflect this. Using the flower and the shape from the logo as motifs to run throughout the visual identity we developed a creative platform to use on all material. Pignut invested in some great photography so it was important the design didn’t over power these and allow the products to sell themselves.

Strong use of the brand colours is seen throughout the designs. The font choices were of particular interest. There were three corporate fonts in use and it was important to retain a consistent message when using these. A robust font is used for headlines supported by a serif body font.  These are complimented by a script style font to use in a more conversational way for quotes and requests. This allowed the visual identity to be more personal while retain some authority when needed.

Pignut Graphics for their Woodbridge Shop
Pignut shop visual and some of the internal vinyl graphics

Pignut graphics – style and detail

As the brand is all about style and detail, we needed to establish these brand values in the design.  Time was taken to ensure all the Pignut graphics and documentation, even down to the most basic of order forms followed their visual style.

This continues through to their social media channels, press adverts and even the shop posters. This all adds up to a clear brand style which communicates their values.

Pignut Brand Development Documents
Even the simplest price list and order form are styles to give brand consistency across all documentation. This shows a Trade Order Form, Account Application and shop recruitment poster.

If you have a similar project and would like to know more about how we brought Pignut to Suffolk, drop me a line. I have many other examples of Brand Development which might be of interest. Check out some other examples here >