Poster Designs for the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts

Examples of some poster designs completed for the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts in Suffolk. I regularly help out the Centre with new promotions and event material. As part of that relationship I also provide some marketing support and advice.

Poster designs for Peter Buck, Luke Haines, Mark Thomas and the John Peel Centre

Current posters include some exciting gigs including Peter Buck (REM) and Luke Haines (The Auteurs) promoting their collaboration Beat Poetry for Survivalists and Ian McNabb from the Icicle Works. There are also poster designs for legendary comedian Mark Thomas and cult folk songwriter Beans on Toast.

Poster designs for the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts

We also designed posters for an event which included four local bands, Pink Lemonade, Bag of Cans, Killatrix and For the Hornets. One of the reasons I get involved in these projects is they can throw up and interesting challenge.  In this case, it was how to design a poster which promotes all the acts equally, and without eluding to a specific musical genre. We also wanted to use elements of the poster to promote each band separately. In order to achieve this, the poster is designed into four quarters, giving each band equal weighting. Simple, ambitious imagery and texture gives the background an interesting style. Using this style, we then produced a series of social media graphics to target the individual band’s fans and extend the centre’s overall reach.

Tailored social media graphics

As well as supporting the Centre promote their events, we also designed a new ‘Centre Champions’ campaign designed at recruiting volunteers from the villages and towns in Suffolk.  With their help, the posters and social media graphics will be promoted in these areas for raise the profile of the centre. The Centre Champions campaign was given its own visual style to help engage new volunteers and promote the scheme with a sense of professionalism. Giving these sort of campaigns their own visual style also allows the centre to have some differentiation between their messages. Having communication from the Centre that all looks the same will result in certain messages being lost, so using this tactical approach enables us to target the audience more effectively.

All poster designs are able to be rolled out quickly over various social media sizes. This keeps my commitment to manageable level and allows the centre to get the information out as swiftly as possible. It also provides the artists with material they can post and promote.