Logo Design for Kisra Clothing

The brief was to design a simple, text based logo for Kisra Clothing from No Balls which is easily embroidered onto bamboo garments. The logo had to be flexible and used in a variety of colours and finishes. It was also important that the logo be identifiable even at the smallest size as it was to be used printed on washing and care labels.

The inspiration for the logo is the human body and how the Kisra clothing compliments the natural shapes and forms.  The logo also looked great at different angles giving the design a different dynamic on the clothing.

Made from bamboo we also wanted the logo reflect the quick growth associated with the material. The logo design needed to look contemporary and echo the modern fabric, but not too ‘organic’. Customer feedback of the product resulted in a misconception the bamboo would degrade quicker than other natural fibres and for this reason we wanted the logo to have clean, crisp shapes to help communicate its technical nature.

As part of the project, the files were supplied to the client to enable them to send to their worldwide list of suppliers.

Kisra Clothing Logo Design

Kisra Logo Examples

As part of the No Balls brand, Kisra Clothing is sold through their online shop and through a network of distributors. In order to reach the distributors No Balls produced a series of advert designs and attended trade shows with their trade show exhibition design.

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