Pignut Website Design

This project for Pignut included developing a single page brand website, an eCommerce site and website training for the marketing department.

Firstly we developed a quick and simple single page website to help establish the brand and build awareness. This site help generate valuable leads while the main site was in production. It also provided a showcase for some of the excellent photography which had been commissioned.

As well as establishing the brand values and visual identity, the site also provides details on trade shows where buyers could view the new product ranges.

Pignut website design and website training
Pignut brand website

The main site was developed using Magento as the main platform. An excellent eCommerce platform, Magento offers a wide range of services and options and is very flexible and scaleable. The Magento Marketplace offers access to thousands of extensions so any possible functionality will be available.

One disadvantage, as with any out-of-the-box solution is the use of templates. These templates are tried and tested and allow you to get the site live quickly.  The danger is however, every templated site will look the same. We therefore had to work hard to produce extra design and code to ensure the brand value are experienced at every point during the customer’s journey.

Pignut website design
Example of Pignut login page with brand elements
website design pages using Magento templates
Pignut Sizing page, Brand Story page and Product page

Website Training

Once the site was ready to go live, we delivered a number of website training days teaching the Woodbridge marketing team on how to use Magento. This showed them how to add/edit products, how to add offer codes and how to add news articles.  They also mastered the ordering process making sure all customer communications where in line with the brand values.

In order to make sure the teams were comfortable with how the system worked, I embedded myself in their offices for a week and helped with all updates. This also allowed me to observe how they went about updating the content and adjust my training accordingly.

Website Design

Do you have a similar website design project? Are you worried your site will look to generic if you use a template solution? Get in touch and we can talk about ways to make your website stand out and deliver your brand values.

Update: The Pignut brand is now trading as part of the Smart Garden products after the main brand of Briers was purchased in 2019. The e-commerce operation is now included in the main site.  If you would like to see the initial brand site it can be found here >