Social Media Graphic Creation for Suffolk Attraction

Social media graphic creation that is on brand will make a huge difference to how your customers view your business. These immediately stand out from many other posts because they are considered and designed to communicate in a more effective manner. They also help bring a campaign together building trust and encouraging a positive action.

Season Ticket Social Media Graphic example
Instagram 1080px, Facebook cover and Facebook 1200px for season ticket campaign

Above shows a series of social media graphics for use on different platforms for a tactical campaign to raise awareness of season tickets.  Using a common background and typeface the online campaign is designed to quickly grab the attention and mirror additional marketing activity offline.

Instagram Video Creation

Below shows the how we can use the same social media graphics for video use on Instagram. This includes real footage to bring the offer to life and engage with social media users whom particularly respond to video.


There are plenty of online options for creating social media graphics. The issue is how to use these and remain sympathetic to the brand identity. These site offer simple and quick templates to use, but these have little flexibility when it comes to correctly interpreting the visual feel of the brand.

Camping tactical campaign
Camping campaign Facebook 1200px, Facebook cover and Instagram 1080px post

Social media graphic creation for stand alone campaigns

Social media is great vehicle to try different campaigns, but you still need to make sure these are targeting the correct customers with clear messaging and retain some link to your brand. The vast about of content a user is expected to consume means you need to work hard to pass on any authority your brand has built up.

The below campaign for a Unicorn Day was designed to appeal to a specific audience. With such a departure from the main brand we needed to link back to other tactical campaigns by using the familiar informal font and choosing to add the logo onto the graphics. As most social media platforms show a thumbnail of the profile image alongside any timeline images, it is not always necessary to add the logo directly onto the image.  In this case however we felt we needed to to make sure the users fully understood the event was owned by Easton Farm Park. With this, the users felt reassured it would be well organised as this is their understanding of the brand.

Tactical Social media graphic creation
Social media graphic creation for tactical campaign for a stand alone event

Using social media graphics to show information

We can use the 1200px wide Facebook graphics to show more detailed information, which will appear directly in timelines once users have engaged with it.  This can dramatically help the uptake of events and offers. The example below shows a Christmas event and all available dates. The detailed information encourages shares and results more users declaring their interest. Over 1200 visitors have clicked that they are interested in this event (from a page with 8600 likes). Using the event correctly has allowed the client to offer tickets directly from Facebook making it as easy as possible to purchase. The event can be found here >

Christmas Social media graphic creation
Information graphic for use on Facebook timeline and event page

Do you run tactical campaigns and need to explore how social media graphic creation can help these succeed. Drop me a line and I can show you many more examples completed for agencies and marketing professionals.