Suffolk Coffee Shop Logo and Brand Design

Suffolk Coffee Shop ‘Coffee Etcetera’ are based at the Suffolk Barns on the A140. Formally the Chilli Farm they needed to develop a new brand for their new coffee shop. With their love of chillis and American cuisine, they wanted a cafe to offer more than just coffee and cakes. In order to offer something different, they have decided to offer a more conventional cafe during the day and a series of evening events. Being open in the evenings for special events will allow Coffee Etc to attract a different customer than a traditional Suffolk Coffee Shop and needed a visual identity to make this possible. We also had to consider how the brand could bring these very different audiences together.

Logo design for Suffolk coffee shop

Starting with the logo, we wanted to make it simple to use and simple to reproduce on tableware, clothing, windows and printed literature. The silhouette allows us to use the logo with a strong background colour. This gives the logo an immediate impact and instantly show this is not an old fashioned coffee shop. Not relying on a single brand colour allows the logo to moulded to different events whilst retaining its overall identity.

The design of the supporting material reflects the busy, eclectic atmosphere of a vibrant Suffolk Coffee Shop the business wants to promote. With such a varied offering we added images of food and associated equipment to the poster designs (below). This helps visually identify the event and in combination and with a strong colour pallet, gave each event its own look and feel.

This template can then be rolled out to whatever type of event the cafe offers. This gives them the flexibility to try different events, but still have them appear part of an overall brand strategy.

Poster designs for Suffolk coffee shop

The examples above show a main coffee shop poster, a Texas style smoked meats evening event and a day time crafting meet up. All these events are very different, yet the design allows them to not only appeal to their individual audiences, but display that they are part of the Coffee Etcetera brand.

Cafe Menu Design
1200px wide Facebook Menu

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