UX UI Design for White Label Home Control App

This is an example of UX UI design project for a home control app. This app is being developed by a London based investment company who have stakes in both a CCTV provider and home security business. Their plan is to make available a white label app that can control various home functions and offer it as part of a deal with new energy providers.

Many new energy providers are entering the UK market and this app is offered free in return for the opportunity to provide the customers with home security. Using a white label app offers considerable savings for the energy provider. It also allows the provider to offer the app immediately without needing to embark on a lengthy development process.

UX UI Design for energy provider app
Selection of screens showing the app. From left to right: Homepage offering energy provider branding, Current Status screen showing an overview of energy usage and any other chosen services, Menu, Room overview showing each room’s temperature, Example of individual room controls, Temperature control.

The apps works via a number of APIs from the security software that controls the alarms, access points and CCTV. It will then use the smart meters provided by the energy provider to show customer energy use.  Additional functionality such as internet control and audio/visual control will then offered as add-ons. Basic SONOS controls for example can be controlled via the app. The app is now in production ready for launch in AW18.

UX UI Design wireframes
Examples of UX UI design wireframes for main status page, room selector and room control interface

The UX UI design will be tailored to each provider, allowing then to add their own brand identity. As far as the consumer is aware, the app is part of the energy provider’s service so any reference to the white label brand is removed. With this in mind, the design has to be easily adaptable.

As well as the UX UI design we also designed a proposal document and identity for the white label version of the app.

Securesmart app visual identity
White label branding to use on the app plus example of tailored proposal document designed for to pitch to each energy provider.

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