WordPress Template Website Design

WordPress template website design is a great cost effect solutions for those with a small budget. WordPress itself is an opensource (free) website platform with a built in content management system (CMS) which allows you control over the website. The means, once set up, you are able to update the site without the need to employ a website designer. It is a great platform that allows new pages to be created and news articles or blogs to be posted.

Once WordPress is installed, there a free Themes you can choose in order to give your website some style. Another option is to purchase a pre-built theme. These templates can cost between $10 and $100. Using a WordPress template website design will give your website a more professional look. They will even provide you with some online support should you need help in the future.

There are many theme providers online, such as Theme Forest and Template Monster. Here we can browse a huge selection of themes until we find one which fits our requirements. Most will have demos that show the Theme in action so we can make an informed decision on which ones work best.

WordPress also works with a plugin system. These are little pre-written pieces of code which we can install to give us some extra functionality. For example, if you need to add a social media feed, then there will be a plugin that provides this.

Wordpress template website design

An example of using a WordPress template website design is this site for Stowmarket ASD Saturday Clubs. Stowmarket ASD Saturday Clubs is a Suffolk based charity that provides social opportunities for those with a diagnosis of Autism. The clubs have been running for nearly 20 years have been a lifeline to many Autistic young people and their families. They are funded by Children in Need and some excellent fund-raising and donations. It is vital for organisations such as these to be as responsible as possible with their finance while presenting a professional face.

For this website we chose the theme The 7. The theme cost just $39 and came with a huge amount plugins included that would make updating the site even easier. Once WordPress and the theme were installed, I worked with the Saturday Club coordinator and populated the site with all the relevant information. I provided training to enable the club to administer the site going forward.

If you have a similar website project and feel your budget would best suit a WordPress template website design, then please get in touch.  There are many other options if you are interested in website design and you can check out other examples of my work here >