Suffolk Start up business design and branding

Suffolk Graphic Designer Steve Crooks Design has helped numerous start up businesses get off the ground. Over the years I have I have worked with innovative business owners to explore their initial vision as they look to build a brand.  I assist these businesses grow, not only through creative design, but also an invaluable wider knowledge of what makes a start up succeed.

Keeping my services affordable gives the start up access to a valuable resource. As these businesses flourish, I help them through each growth opportunity while they become fully established.

Logo and brand identity design

Your new company will need its own visual identity. Some start up owners have an idea of the type of direction they would like, some simply have an idea for the business and have no thought on the visual identity.  I work to develop and explore ideas in collaboration with the business. Designing a new identity should be fun. Start ups can get bogged down in all the red tape associated with a new venture, be it licensing agreements, insurance or other responsibilities. Involving the start up in the design process is s great way to build momentum and help them visualise the success to come.

Researching competitors

What do we think will work? We need to consider the market and the customer before we start designing. I use research methods to examine competitors and explain design decisions made by companies familiar with the target customer. This allows us to make an informed choice as to the visual identity.

Access to funding for Start ups

All start ups need some sort of funding to begin with. I help increase the chances of securing funding my helping the startup look as professional as possible in the early days.  This is done by providing simple low cost items such as cover sheets for proposals and printed leave behinds.

Printed material

As part of the logo an identity design I also design a stationery set of a letterhead, business card and compliment slip. I also provide a Word version of the letterhead which gives the start up the opportunity to utilise their own printers rather than going the expense of getting letterheads printed.

Alongside this we can also develop a visual identity to be rolled out over leaflets and brochures. I have also worked with start ups to provide exhibition designs for trade shows.

Digital material

I work with the start up to ensure a considered, consistent approach to their online presence.  This will be to provide ready-to-use files for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other platform required.  All platforms have their own specs including safe areas, which if you get wrong will lead to a bad first impression. We employ creative, engaging social media graphics to highlight products and services and create a buzz from the start.

The start up will need its own website. Websites can take time to develop, so we can employ a simple holding site which will give the start up an online identity. These can be used to just raise awareness or to provide data capture ready for a full launch in the future. We can also use template sites for an initial website, using platforms such as Squarespace. These are great cost effective solutions, but can be boring and lack the individuality needed. In order to combat this, we can work hard providing great bespoke graphics to bring it to life.

Email signatures are great way to immediately give the impression of competence and experience. Even if the start up is new, those behind it are not and a good email layout will help communicate this to important investors and customers.

Selected Norfolk and Suffolk start up business design case studies

Start up shop opening

Trafalgar Fireworks

Setting up a business is never easy, but setting up a business which deals with explosives is a different ball game. I helped the company develop their brand identity, their online and offline material including their Norwich firework shop.

Trafalgar Fireworks is enjoying great success and is now seen as the leading firework shop in Norwich.  To read more about the Trafalgar Fireworks project, click here >

The Space start up signage fitting

The Space Burston

The Space is a well-being centre in Norfolk which offers yoga, massage & other well-being classes.

The business has now extended the premises allowing them to provide more classes and is becoming more of a well-being hub for Norfolk. They are also adding a well-being cafe to the company as they expand into new and exciting territory. To read more about The Space and the design project, click here >

VetPharm Production

VetPharm Pharmaceuticals

This Hadleigh based start up was a global supplier of animal health products. We worked together from the initial start up operation developing a strong visual brand for the company and the packaging.

The business continued to grow and produced a number of innovative products. The business and the product registrations were eventually bought by US giant Bimeda.  To read more about the VetPharm start up design project, click here >

If you need help with a Suffolk Start up business design project, please get in touch and we can discuss how I can help.  Get in touch >