Trafalgar Fireworks WordPress Design and WooCommerce Website

This is an example of a WordPress design for Norwich based firework company. As a start up business it was important to keep costs down but still deliver a site with impact. It was great to work with them again having worked previously on their logo and brand design (see the case study here >) and their packaging design project (see the case study here>)

We explored various solutions and discovered WordPress was by far the most suitable.  Quick to implement and OpenSource, WordPress is used by millions of websites all over the world. There are plenty of online resources available to help with learning how to update a WordPress site. There are also many pre-built templates to choose from which cost very little.

Trafalgar WordPress Design
Trafalgar WordPress Design and WooCommerce product page

WordPress can be used alongside an eCommerce solution called WooCommerce. This, as with WordPress, has access to thousands of extensions allowing you to customise a store with added functionality. Due to the nature of the business, it was necessary to find possible ways to add value to the site. Fireworks are notoriously difficult to transport making any delivery options prohibitive due to costs. Very few carriers are willing to deliver fireworks, and those that do require large volumes to make it worth their while.   Again, due to the specific challenges faced by the business, we needed to offer an alternative for those with limited time around key dates, such as Guy Fawkes Night, Diwali and New Year.

We explored the possibility of a Click and Collect service. The central Norwich location of the shop and the fact that they have parking at the front made this feasible from a logistics point of view. Click and Collect also provided an ideal option during busy periods at it allowed customers to select what they wanted before visiting and allowed Trafalgar to organise the order in advance. With WooCommerce installed, we sought a Click and Collect module which has been installed and has been very successful. The module even had options to allow a certain time slot to be ordered by the customer making the process even more streamlined.

Click and Collect plugin and example of firework embedded video
Click and Collect plugin and example of firework embedded video

Another way to add value is to add video to the site.  This is something that WordPress excels at and is very easy to embed YouTube links into pages.  With videos on the site, Trafalgar can show how a firework performs, giving them the edge over other local firework providers. Not only does this allow customers to understand what they are buying, but also allows them to curate their own displays.

Are you looking for a quick, cost effective WordPress design? Do you want to find creative ways to add value?  Drop me a line and we can discuss how you can get your business online and how we can make the site worth visiting.